Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who's the Fairest of Them All?

Mirrors aren't just for checking your hair as you run out of the house in the morning. When thoughfully added to a room design, a framed mirror has the ability to change the overall look and feel of a room. At Art 3 Gallery we get excited about your vision; come into the gallery and see how we can complete the look you've been imagining. Here are some tips that may entice you to purchase a custom-framed mirror.
1. Be Creative
Mirrors belong in any and every room. A mirror in a dark hallway or narrow stairwell will lighten the space and open it up.
2. Lighten Up
Bring some light into a dark room with a mirror hung to reflect the out-of-doors - a beautiful sunrise or sunset, a lovely view of trees or a garden in bloom.
3. Expand Your Space
Mirrors can give a room a feeling of depth. A small dining or sitting room can be visually enlarged very easily with a perfectly placed framed mirror.
4. Group Up
If a large mirror isn't your thing, how about using a grouping of several smaller mirrors. It's not important to match the surroundings or each other. At Art 3, we are experts at hanging multiple pieces.
5. What's Showing?
Hang a framed mirror to reflect something on the opposite wall - a piece of framed artwork will do double duty.
6. Mix and Match
Add mirrors to other pieces of wall decor already in place. The mirror will give your eye a rest from whatever else you have on your walls.
7. To Hang or Not To Hang
Your mirror does not have to be hung on the wall - it can be rested on the floor, a shelf, an easel, or a mantel. When you do decide to hang a mirror, try using the professionals at Art 3. Quite often, a mirror will weigh much more than a similarly sized painting, and you will want to make sure the height is just right for checking yourself out in the morning as you run out the door.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Is it HUNG or HANGED - No Matter Which, Use a Professional

Three Rules of Thumb when hanging artwork:

1. A piece of art, its matboard and frame, should all be coordinated with their surroundings.

2. A successful grouping of artwork involves pieces that have some sort of similarity to tie them into a unified arrangement.

3. If art is hung in a space where it is exposed to direct sunlight, over time, the art as well as the matting will fade. The best way to protect the picture is to frame it with UV treated glass.

Rather than attempt a complex job of hanging artwork yourself, contact one of the professionals at Art 3 Gallery. We have the right tools to make the job easier.
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